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Easy Carb Counter

Easy Carb Counter is an essential tool for diabetics that would like to know the amount of carbohydrates in their meals. Simply search the database for the food items, enter the weight and Easy Carb Counter will compile the meal and calculate the carbohydrate portion of it. Using your phone and a small pocket scale you can now manage your diabetes better and easier than ever.

The database has more than 500 different food items.

All branded food information has been compiled from New Zealand sources.

There is a lot of typical food data items that can be used globally.

Disclaimer/Health Warning.
The information provided by this software should be used in conjunction with professional dietary advice.
If you need accurate carb counting for medical purposes then use other references to verify results.


How to use Easy Carb Counter

Click on the “Search” button.
Enter the food description (e.g. apple).
Select the food type that match the food item from your meal.
(Tap on the food item to select it.)

On the meal screen the selected food item will be displayed at the top.
(If this is not the correct food item use the “Search” button again.)
The default portion size will be automatically entered as the food weight in grams.
Adjust the food weight to the actual food weight of the food item in your meal.
(The food item can be measured using an electronic scale).
Use the blue buttons C-clear, <-back and 0 to 9 to adjust the food weight.

Click on the + button next to the food weight to add the food item to the meal.
(The food weight will be indicated in blue and the carbohydrate portion of the food item will be indicated in yellow.)
Continue adding food items by clicking on the “Search” button till all the food items from your meal is displayed in the meal food list.

If you need to add a special food item that you know the carbohydrate amount of in grams then:
Enter the amount in grams using the blue buttons C-clear, <-back and 0 to 9.
Click on the button  to add the amount of carbohydrates to your meal.

The total amount of carbohydrates of the meal will be displayed as the big yellow number.
You can use this number as a guide of how match carbohydrates your meal have.

To clear the meal and start over press on the button.

You can change the food weight of a meal food item by taping on it.
The food item will be removed from the meal food list and the food weight can now be changed.
Press the + button next to the food weight to add the food item back to the meal.

New in Version 1.1

The screen layout have been updated.
The application will keep a list of recent used food items and serving size.